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League Infos and Gentlemen Agreement

By Beers - League Admin
12/03/2021 5:46 am
League Information:

Free Agency - 3 weeks

Late Free Agency - 2 weeks

Pre-season games - 4 weeks

Injury rate - 70%

Re-naming players - As long as it's not offensive, it's acceptable

Trade meter - Left on (this can be reviewed following each season. If it's a strange trade, it would be nice if both sides comment on it in the forum)

Activity - If someone isn't online for a longer time, they will be kicked out of the league without a warning

Minimum weight D-Line
The minimum weight for a player in the D-Line is 265 lbs (valid from season 2024).

Gentlemen Agreement ( = not a rule, but would be desirable)

Players out of position
No Offense players to play on D and no Defensive players on O. That means if you need to cover for injuries you need to cover defensive spots with defensive players and offensive spots with offensive players. This is something you should consider when drafting!

All teams MUST have an active kicker on Field Goals and Kickoffs and an active Punter on Punts.

Exploiting bugs
The game has bugs from time to time, but these should not be exploited to have an advantage.

I appreciate that in the latter stages of the season you may wish to give younger players more experience to aid their development. That is acceptable but full on tanking for draft position is frowned upon. I'm not keen on seeing teams with 0-16 records, the #1 pick should not be considered a badge of honour!


Be nice to each other !!!