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By Little2
3/18/2021 6:07 am
All Eagles players with expiring contracts (list below) are now available for trades.

#80 John Casanova TE
#10 John Range WR
#80 Brendan Como WR
#62 Allen Roldan C
#55 Earl Welliver RG
#71 James Mares RT
#54 Frederick Rodriguez LDE
#95 Gordon Brock SLB
#99 Rene Joe MLB

Beers and I agree that trades could be an option to get the eagles back on track for the 2028 season. I try to answer any trade proposal as soon as possible. Trades, if there's a good offer on the table, would be submitted after the midweek 8 sim (last day before trading deadline). So you have two days to send offers if you want.
We're searching for:
- draftpicks (2028)
- talents
- good players with cheap long term contracts

Browns and Broncos are excluded so there's no conflict of conscience.